Buy me everything pink

Today was more of a day where I actually kinda blogged

Omg my inner corners are folded too! They're even more folded than yours but it's cool cuz I've never seen anyone else with eyes like that :)

Lots of people have them!
Sometimes I like them but most of the time I hate them.

Taro ice cream for dinner
First meal today
Are you wearing purple or pink contact lenses in your photos?


You're really beautiful :D And your eyes.. ugh I'm jealous xD I can't believe that you're younger then me :>

My eyes???!!! I have that weird eye where the inner corner is like a flap idk how to explain it. I’m not 14 if that’s what u r thinking

But thank you!
I don’t like my lips
But whatevs

acezplacez yeah I don’t look 14 at all but apparently I do to her. Maybe it’s the make up since I wear really light makeup to work and I don’t even wear circle lenses.

The girl who work with my said I look like a 14 year old… I don’t look 14 at all